Even though wandering past dispensary booths with nothing to gawk at but business cards was like visiting a brothel without hookers, it was nonetheless a perfect occasion for Cannabis Commerce to unveil its first live video.

With the star of the show present in spirit only, there was still ample evidence cannabis commerce has won its way into the hearts, minds, and pocketbooks of  the mile high city’s cannabis aficionados.

From sales of “Stoner Chick” t-shirts, to insure-your-dispensary, to we’ll-chemically-analyze-you-for-compatible-cannabaloids booths, a pot-pourri of goods and services was on display. It was an encouraging turnout, especially since several snafus, including a last-minute switch of promoters, plagued the production.

There were any number of leggy young bud wenches parading about in hot pants — just like those walking advertisements at car shows or home and garden shows. What more proof could you want cannabis commerce has entered the mainstream? Enjoy!