Evan was down on his knees, awed by the high priestess’s smoking body, her lifelike leaf tatoos, her smoldering sensuality. Yet he balked at becoming an acolyte in her nose-picking cult.

Had enough pot tax commentary from talking heads and disengaged authorities with no affection for the subject whatsoever?

Is cannabis just a subject to be loved no more, no less, than the frog in a dissection?

Perhaps it would be refreshing to hear tax takes from someone who just spent six months immersed in cannabis commerce … a lab technician, if you will … with an actual fondness for smoking the subject?

I like a little affection with my dissection, thank you.

Does smoking the subject make me more knowledgeable, more spiritual, or a higher authority than someone who approaches research in a detached manner?

Not necessarily; however, it’s hard to go wrong with the old adage, “write about what you love.”

See if you can feel the love in Part 5 and Part 6 of the continuing series, Cannabis Commerce in the USA.

Part 5 offers a “core estimate,” an actual dollar amount of MPMTR (maximum pot-ential marijuana taxation revenue) arrived at through the analysis of traditional data. A PhD in economics is not required.

Part 6 lists obvious potential taxation sources oddly unaccounted for by conventional pundits. This groundbreaking stuff is really eye-opening!  You’ll be on the edge of your seat cheering, as each contribution is rung up on the scoreboard.