Photo of the Washington Monument

Monument to a hemp grower.

Are you planning to be one of the two million souls?

What – you didn’t know there was going to be a march on Washington? Yeah, it’s happening . . . the summer of 2011 or 2012.

Is President Obama’s quote, “I’m not in favor of legalization,” code for “I want there to be a march on Washington?”

Why would he want that? Simple. If two million marijuana marchers are a wrought iron fence away from the White House bellowing “Legalize it!” though bullhorns, then Obama can rightfully state it wasn’t his idea to “legalize drugs.” He was just following the “will of the people,” per his presidential mandate.

What are the chances of this happening?

Hey, this is just a blog. Cyberspace prohibits introducing detailed political diagnostics into short attention span theater. But over on our Home page, we’re poised to add Part 10, “Political Implications,” to our sensational Cannabis Commerce in the USA series. This section probes why a Marijuana March on Washington seems inevitable.

Are you ready for the most power-packed section yet?

But wait – there’s more. There may be consequences if Obama chooses to hide in the White House, ignoring the implorations of millions. Like what? Like ceding the presidency to a Republican seizing the “higher ground!” No, that is not a misprint. You read that correctly. I imagined locating pro-pot pro-lifers might take a lot of detective work. It didn’t. Apparently political conservatism doesn’t necessarily extend into other areas of life.

Marches on Washington. Republicans seizing the higher ground. How much more high-quality controversy can one unknown website dish out? Well . . . we don’t like to shortchange anyone . . . so we’ll also throw in Part 9, “The Internet and Traditional Media Light Up.” This section examines how those powerful forces combine with Hollywood, Inc. to brainwash our hearts and minds with natural green cleanser. Nothing like a freshly laundered mind!