How much can one woman do to cement prohibition in place?

This is exactly what I was talking about when I said big changes were coming.

I’ve read one too many bulk emails from Steph Sherer and her patients-centric Americans For Safe Access without responding.

All about the “patients,” is it?

I think not!

Not as long as I have something to say about it. As far as I’m concerned, a fight for patients rights is a fight against everyone’s rights.

Here are highlights from Ms. Scherer’s latest missive with read-between-the-lines analysis. You’re not used to hearing those precious patients criticized. Well, their time has come. Almost. This is my warm-up condemnation. Much more coming.

Let’s get right to it:

Patients, Friends and Activists –

Obama’s administration has taken its gloves off. After giving the medical cannabis community a false sense of security, Obama’s administration continues to ignore state laws, intimidate state officials, and raid medical cannabis patients and facilities.

Those would be the medical marijuana laws you empowered government officials on the city, county, and state levels with the rights to alter according to their every whim – because you made the issue patients rights not everyone’s rights to do what they want with a weed. For the same amount of effort it took to “win” the crippled legislation you “won,” you could have repealed marijuana on the federal level and never had to deal with endless legislative wheel-spinning that exists under fickle, ever-evolving local medical marijuana laws.

This month, ASA launched our new national campaign, and we are sending a clear message to President Obama from the medical cannabis community: We are sick and tired. We are suffering from chronic and debilitating conditions, and we are weary of false promises that do nothing to protect our rights as patients.

Apparently, it does not occur to Ms. Sherer that she’s fighting the wrong fight. I’m sending my own clear message to her it’s time to get on the right fight. Win herbal rights for everyone, and your precious patients are automatically taken care without further interruptions. The inverse is not true. I’m sick and tired, too — sick and tired of you making it all about the patients while the rest of us remain on the outside looking in.

ASA’s Sick and Tired Campaign involves approaching the federal government from several angles, and we need your help to reach every corner of Obama’s administration.

The help I’ll give is letting everyone know just how prejudiced your campaign to help patients only is, as it comes at the expense of everyone else who wants a free cannabis economy. Why exactly does someone have to be terminally ill to be “rewarded” with marijuana? Herbal rights are our natural birthright, not something we have to beg, coddle, and cajole President Obama for.

ASA’s Sick and Tired Campaign will bring new accountability to Obama’s administration. Please help ASA hold Obama to his word and protect patients across the nation.

President Obama isn’t doing anything for herbal rights until one of two events transpires:

  1. A massive Marijuanamarch on Washington forces his hand.
  2. A Republican or Independent opponent comes out heavily for legalization and he has to react to save his political ass. It’s hard to carry on Special Forces operations in 75 countries (according to The London Times) if you’re no longer in office.

We are sick and tired, but we won’t give up until there’s safe access.

The hell with your “safe access” for a privileged few. Everyone deserves safe access.