Organa Labs pure CO2 extraction honey oil (liquid THC)

A syringe full of Organa Labs “Honey Oil” extracted with CO2. Better than an apple a day!

Besides deploying an army of lobbyists to sabotage any and all efforts to reschedule cannabis as a Schedule One drug, Big Pharma also excels at a practice the medical marijuana industry might actually want to adopt — it dispenses its often lethal and always popular concoctions in uniform doses.

Some visionaries already have.


It’s hard to imagine someone with a slow thyroid improvising a different dosage of Synthroid every day of the week. Yet that’s exactly how most folks self-medicate with cannabis.

You may have heard about self-medicating with cannabis. Reports about the healing properties of The World’s Most Maligned Weed are everywhere you look — if you know where to look.

People afflicted with major league diseases, who have been helped immeasurably by cannabis therapy, proclaim their dynamic results all over the internet. And researchers from Canada to Canaan are publishing all sorts of promising findings in medical journals. Alas, these periodicals are not generally placed next to The National Enquirer by supermarket checkout stands. So Jane Q. Public knows everything about the minute-to-minute weight variations of Kim Kardashian’s bootyand next to nothing about cannabis’ ability to reduce tumors.

Mainstream media is glacially slow to report positive developments. That’s the way it is.

However …

Cannabis vs. cancer — not to mention every manner of devastating disease — has captured our attention here at Cannabis Commerce. Big time.

Put simply, the broader the spectrum of diseases the magical herb prevents, arrests, and reverses, the bigger the economic powerhouse it becomes.

If cannabis becomes a bigger economic powerhouse by curing mankind’s ills, that’s better still.

And it’s beginning to look like anything from a “boo-boo” to chronic lymphoma is no match for the substance formerly known as “the devil’s weed.” Its angelic qualities are getting harder and harder to cover up by those entities with the most to gain from covering them up.

As we hear of more and more studies conducted from afar — Israel “is a real” hotbed, we’ll get to that in this series — people have been flocking to dispensaries to try self-medication for themselves. But the evening news isn’t reporting that, is it?

Pure stupidity and pure greed stand between cannabis therapy and mainstream acceptance.

Will either give?

We’ll see.

Before we go any further, it needs to be said that the only difference between “medical marijuana” and “marijuana” is the adjective. There is no chemical difference. No standard for purity or potency qualifying an individual bud as “medical marijuana” exists in any state. Except the state of mind. The companies mentioned in this report are putting forth their best effort to manufacture “medibles” as if there were strict standards for potency and purity — even though they don’t have to.

Today, I’d like to whet your appetite for a subject Cannabis Commerce is diving into full bore. That would be medical marijuana as in “a substance capable of actually healing the worst scourges of the industrial age,” as opposed to “clusters of ever-changing regulations in a minority of states which cause as many problems as they solve.”

We’re kicking off the campaign with a little cannapiece we call, “The Case for a Uniform Dose.”

To spice things up, you’re officially invited to tag along on a virtual pilgrimage to a cannabis oasis in the wilds of the Rocky Mountains.

Cowhands, saddle up and ride the cannatrail with us to Craig Apothecary, a remote outpost proudly flying the five-leafed flag truly in the middle of nowhere.

Where the heck is Craig, Colorado? It’s somewhere in the vicinity of Steamboat Springs, a.k.a. “Ski Town, USA.”

ski runs of Steamboat Springs, CO

Just hang a left at the goat dairy, bear right past the alpaca farm, then proceed another 27 miles till either your axle falls off or you reach the road’s end by an abandoned silver mine. You can’t miss it.

Google map showing how to get to Craig, Colorado

If it works in Craig, it’ll work anywhere.

Craig Apothecary is “the only game in town,” serving up the meds for the local townsfolk.

And those townsfolk have been devouring the Apothecary’s supply of buds, vaporizers, and medibles like miners scarfing up chisels, shovels, and pickaxes at a general store.

With Cannabis Planet aswarm with potactivity, why choose Craig as the ideal place to start compiling a case for a uniform dose? Simple: if it works in Craig, it’ll work anywhere!

Shaun Hadley Interview

Shaun Hadley of Craig Apothecary was kind enough to sit down with Cannabis Commerce for a Skype video interview. The video’s above, the transcript’s below.

[CC = Cannabis Commerce. SH = Shaun Hadley]

CC:  We’re speaking today with Shaun Hadley from Craig Apothecary, out in the boonies, somewhere near Steamboat Springs, Colorado. What’s it like being the only game in town?

SH:  It’s been great. Of course, I grew up here; my family’s been here forever. So that helps.

CC:  No one’s told you to “get outta Dodge,” the message city fathers delivered to other dispensaries up north?

SH:  Fortunately, no.

CC:  Shaun, I was wondering how the concept of the uniform dose is helping customers and sales at Craig Apothecary.

SH:  I had people that used to come in here, and they’ve been on Percocet and Oxycontin, and they had certain doses that their doctors told them to take. Then, when they came in here, there wasn’t any dosage information. They got kind of turned off by that.

Now, when they see the Organa Labs stuff — and I’m a wholehearted believer in their stuff as far as the medical benefits go —people really dig the fact that CannaTabs are labeled 10 milligrams per pill and that they last for four hours. So, if you take one every four hours, you’re good to go. People like having that kind of structure.

That’s especially true if they’re new to this industry and haven’t even used marijuana recreationally. They’ve never come into a shop like this before. They don’t expect to see that with marijuana.

CC:  How are medibles in uniform dosages helping your clientele compared to “homebrewed” medibles?

SH:  Here’s what I saw happen the most, which my clients really benefited from. They would try those other edibles, and feel a little bit turned off by them, a little disenchanted, like they had wasted their money. Maybe they got a little buzz, but they were missing the medical effect. The biggest thing that I noticed was that when they started spending their money on the OrganaLabs stuff — which come in a standardized dosage —  they came back and spent more. They felt like they were getting their money’s worth.

I think a big part of that is the supercritical CO2 extraction process [the purest method of extracting hash oil from marijuana buds and leaf; in other words, producing a liquid from a solid] that they do, and also all the different options that they offer.

They have the sublingual [“under the tongue”] CannaTabs, the Honey Oil, and the VapeCartridges [that slip onto portable vaporizers like the Atmos and the Stratus].

I have a couple multiple sclerosis patients that do absolutely great with it. They make MS patients do all these writing tests before marijuana and after. One guy, it’s incredible, five minutes after a CannaTab, his handwriting goes from a garbled mess to nice handwriting. It’s amazing.

CC:  I imagine your customers appreciate the stealth angle, too.

SH:  Oh, absolutely. The Stratus and Atmos that they have are awesome. I’m not sure if you know what those are; they’re the e-cigarette equivalent.

CC:  Oh, yeah. I have one of each. I know a bunch of people who have them. They look just like e-cigarettes — very few people have a clue what they are. Wherever you are, your meds are. That works.

SH:  I have a lot of moms and grandmas who love those things to death. Their whole lives are their kids and their grandkids. They don’t want to have to smoke a bowl in the bathroom, then come back sometime later smelling like skunk. So they’ll just pop one CannaTab, and no one’s the wiser. Grandma gets to feel a little better and continue to hang out with the kids, without having to leave them alone.

CC:  Is there any competition for OrganaLabs, or they in a league of their own right now?

SH:  Honestly, I’m so far up here, I see things later than anyone else. There’s one other company that approached me, HMI, I don’t know what that stands for, they make these Green Dragon elixirs, and those are good because, similar to OrganaLabs, it’s CO2 extracted so you end up with all these really high amounts of CBDs and CBNs [subcompounds of THC which help make the molecule even more effective against various diseases] along with the THC.

Most of the other companies I see are really geared toward ridiculous amounts of THC, made with butane extraction, isopropyl alcohol, and different extraction methods that give you these really great head highs, but not much else.

CC:  More stony than therapeutic? Not that I’m putting that down by any means.

SH:  Oh, it’s a great thing. It can also be a bad thing for some people who aren’t quite expecting that when they buy medible products and try them for the first time. I can tell people all day long that they have to be careful with this, but they’re never going to believe me, they’re always going to go home and overdo it a little bit. And with those butane and isopropyl alchohol products, it’s a lot easier to send yourself into almost a panic or anxiety attack from overdoing it — whereas I’ve noticed with the OrganaLabs stuff, or pretty much any product which is really high in CBD, if you overdo it, you’re just going to fall asleep and not have any negative reaction to it.

CC:  I know exactly what you’re talking about — who hasn’t eaten too much of a brownie the first time they tried one? Every new person, you tell them, “you know you really should take it easy.” They say, “Oh, OK.” Then if the brownie’s good, and it usually is, then they eat way too much and konk out on the couch.

SH:  My dad’s been fighting lymphoma, and one time we got these cookies from a lady who’s been making edibles for like twenty years. I gave some to him and I said, “Dad, you need to be very careful with these, even though you’re a big man.” He probably weighed 280 pounds at the time. “So eat maybe half of this.” So, he gets this bright idea one night with my mom, she’s 120 pounds, and he gives her an entire cookie. She proceeds to have a fourteen-hour long panic attack. She thinks she needs to go to the ER, that she’s going to die. That was no fun.

Basically, if they overdo it that first time, they’re never going to do it again. So I try to steer people away from anything that they can overdo.

CC:  My daughter’s been in the ER room with a panic attack — she ate an activated cookie by mistake. Not everybody does great with marijuana. But usually people do pretty well.

SH:  One thing I try to steer people away from, especially people who do this for the very first time, is overdoing it. If they overdo it that first time, they’re never going to do it again. You have to be really careful about that.

CC:  So it helps to take away the taste factor for people trying medibles for the first time?

SH:  Exactly. Yeah, that’s what’s great again about the OrganaLabs stuff. It’s more of a medicine. It’s not there just to taste good or to get you high; it’s there to give you the benefit of the medicine.

CC:  Are people up in Craig into the VapeCartridges, too?

SH:  Oh, I do wonderful with those. Those are some of my bestsellers, man. I sell the Atmos like crazy. It seems like people love the 200 mg. cartridges, we go through like thirty of those a month [in the mountains where Jeremiah Johnson might still be hunting]. So people are really, really loving those.

CC:  Thanks Shaun, we really appreciate your time.

SH:  You’re welcome!

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