Top Five Most Excellent Weed Pipes Available on Primo

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When you are talking about choosing the most suitable weed accessories, pipes are always the premium option. Here, you will be shown the five premium and classic weed pipes presently on Primo.

Weed pipes are wonderful as a technology to make use of for smoking cannabis or tobacco. It makes you pace yourself easily, saves bud, as well as easily uses it instead of rolling a blunt or a joint. There’re lots of pipes that one can choose for smoking cannabis, though! Which of the pipes are the most excellent? Here is the list for you to choose from:

  • The Fumo Pipe

This pipe is significantly an ultra-portable and handheld steamroller. Nearly everything is great in small size. Although it is miniature in size, Fumo Pipe packages a punch in an amazing manner. It also comes in beautiful and few colors. 

Price: $69.99

  • The Gandalf Pipe

Meant for all your fantasy wholeheartedly! A Gandalf Pipe possesses an additionally long stem. Generally, it looks just exactly like with the Gandalf the Grey’s pipe, smoked in the “Lord of Rings.” This particular pipe is Gogo, made with glass, and also has the wooden ones as well. Besides, the pipe possesses a big bowl, which gives itself to immersed hits of your optimum pipe-weed.

Price: $24.99

  • The Helix Multi

This Helix Multi is made of glass so you will like it; also, possesses 3 interchangeable heads to that can be attached to the key chamber, offering you the choice of making use of a bubbler, spoon head, or one-hitter. The most excellent feature of this pope is that it serves as storage too in the sense that you can store your weed accouterments in its large storage space.

Price: $109.99

  • The Santa Feo Pipe

This is one of the most excellent weed pipes you’ll find. It is clever, innovative, as well as aesthetically pleasing. Do you know why it is unique? It possesses 3 different figured bowls joined to it. You can call it 3 in 1. It is also made of wood; therefore you obtain those foresty, nice notes beneath your smoke. 

Price: $119.99

  • The Glow in Dark Spoon

Yeah! It absolutely glows. This is the second section from Glass heads. This amazing Glow in Dark Spoon pipe will make you to nostalgic for its star stickers that you placed on top of your ceiling while you were just a child. The shine agent will surprise your friends and bring entertainments that will last for hours. It is novel and now sufficiently unusual to grab your attention. 

Price: $42.00

There’s no beating the conventional weed pipe. While cannabis tech remains in progress, firms are discovering new methods to create this long-loved smoking device. But at its center, a nice pipe is simple and pure. With this list, you can choose from the top five weed pipes available on Its Primo. They are also affordable!